Rena Prince knows what it means to work hard and love big.

Rena has been an active volunteer with FrankTown programming for the past year, helping with Wednesday night meals and serving students even after her Kevon finished high school. “They said they needed some help, and I’m glad to help,” she said. She serves alongside her sister at 4th Avenue Church of Christ, where much of the FrankTown evening programing takes place.

“Kevon was part of Franktown for a long time. He did a lot on Wednesday nights, playing games and whatever else they had going on, and went hunting and such. He finished high school and studied some at Cumberland College, and wants to go back – he wants to make a good life for himself,”  Rena declared.

Recently Rena was awarded a vehicle from the FrankTown Automotive Program, allowing her to go to her job at a local nursing home, and relieving her of the weight of a car payment. “I appreciate it so much.” – the words came with a big smile behind them. And we appreciate Rena, too!