If there was one word to describe Ms. Mary Ann it would be “consistent.” Mary Ann Pointer holds a very special place in the hearts of Franktown families, staff, and volunteers. A local from the community, Mary Ann has known many of our children from birth and was likely raised with their grandparents. Mary Ann has been working with Franktown for 8+ years and has seen many changes during her time as bus driver, chaperone, and no-excuses taker. What started out as a man’s mission from God to help the impoverished youth in Williamson County, has gone from a one man show to a nonprofit aiming to reverse the cycle of generational poverty and impact the lives of the young people in the community. Young people, like Mary Ann’s granddaughter Lainysha, who attends programming multiple times a week and is learning how to cook nutritious meals to help her single mother out at home.

Mary Ann has been driving her personal vehicle for quite some time and was struggling to continue fixing the vehicle to get her where she needs to go. Never one to ask for something for herself, Mary Ann has helped us identify all thirteen families we have gifted vehicles to and never once asked for one for herself. Recently, we were able to surprise Mary Ann with a 1999 Honda Accord. Our youth worked on the vehicle, fixing minor issues and detailed the car for her. She was beyond speechless. “I never get nothing for myself. I can’t believe you all would do something like this for me. Thank you, just thank you.”

While on the verge of tears, Mary Ann was so grateful to all our Franktown family for her new vehicle and no longer has to worry about taking her daughter, battling cancer, to doctor’s appointments or getting to and from her jobs. We are so blessed to have someone who lives in the community and truly wants to see things better for those around her. Thank you for your spunk and passion for these students, Mary Ann! We are so grateful for you.