It’s difficult to find someone who works harder than Latosha Sparkman. This determined mom of two holds down two jobs, even in the midst of serious health issues. Her son, 14-year-old A’Donnious, has been part of the Franktown program for seven years, and Latosha is glad. “Franktown helps me so much, and helps my son,” she said recently. “The men like Chris Barnhill are like father figures and are teaching him how to be a young man, teaching him things I can’t.” She talked about how A’Donnious is learning to work on cars and work with wood. He also enjoys helping younger students. “It’s been wonderful,” she said.


Latosha looks forward to the day when her son will graduate high school. “I don’t know if it’s my dream for him, or my dream for me,” she said thoughtfully. She also dreams of a life that holds opportunity and a future for him, a better life that doesn’t hold the difficult background she has had. “I’m grateful for the people at Franktown that encourage him to not quit. I truly thank God for Franktown” – she says as tears run down her face. We thank God for A’Donnious, his siblings, and his mom too!