“Graduating made me feel like I opened a door that’s been locked in my family for generation after generation.”

Aneshia Lee has initiated a powerful legacy in her family and recognizes the positive influence she has on the family members coming along behind her. “I hope the younger ones will see that it’s possible for them to do anything that they want.”

The articulate young woman talks about her days at Franktown. “My brother was already going to Franktown, and I was 15 when they started letting girls go.” Excited about the expanded programming for girls, she attended at her first opportunity and met women who listened to her and encouraged her. The women talked about things that were bigger than just Franklin, Tennessee. Aneshia learned about forgiveness and love and the power of a changed life in Christ. She studied the life that was filled with patience and joy. And she thought about things that could be for her own life. She yearned for something more.

Aneshia set her goals high. Not only did she graduate high school, she became the first member of either side of her family to earn a college degree, having graduated from MTSU last year. Now the talented young woman is working on her Master of Fine Arts degree from Lipscomb University. “I had an opportunity to receive what was offered,” Aneshia says, and she has certainly made the most of it.