Ecclesiastes 3:4 “a time to dance”

Roots Performing Arts Academy afforded our girls “a time to dance” by attending their Hip Hop Dance class. The scholarship provided Damiya Johnson, Alexis Ketterman, Jamesha Starnes and Angel Tyus the chance to be a part of their dance program and recital performance. These four young ladies prepared from February all the way through June for their dancing debut. On Saturday June 30, at Rolling Hills Community Church, Roots Academy put on a dance recital that featured young people from all over Williamson County. It was an incredible experience for all, and we were able to see our young ladies go from having fun dancing to performing in front of hundreds of people with a professional Hip Hop choreographer. They truly seized the moment, and nailed it! We officially want to thank Roots Academy for the opportunity of allowing our girls to be a part of their awesome organization.